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This is how we took a place at the world’s entertainment content market for Colombian entrepreneurs who want to offer their products and talent to top internationa buyers.

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See how we presented Colombia at the world’s largest food innovation exhibition, where we not only had to show our country product offer, but also develop business opportunities for Colombian Companies in Europe.

Foto interior - Feria

Selling Colombia as a tourism destination for Europeans seems easy. However, this trade fair in France is one of the most competitive scenarios where countries try to get the preference of visitors.

Colombia has been transforming the way it is perceived around the world, proving that is a powerful country with strategic opportunities for the rest of the world. How would you make foreigners live the Colombian experience in the middle of the affrican jungle?

Procter and Gamble had developed a new detergent brand for those women that do laundry and still feel sorry for the time they sacrifice, with the promise that they would never need to scrub clothes again.

Sometimes is hard to imagine a massive product living outside the grocery cabinets. We were asked to imagine the future of the product in a hole new environment, closer tho the target and using it’s versatility in our favor.

We were called to design the experience that visitors to the Expo would live at the Colombia Pavilion. The challenge was to communicate all the biodiversty the country has to offer, and position it on top of other 147 countries. Challenge achieved!